Boston Foreign Motor is aggressively acquiring pre-owned vehicles to stock our inventory.

We offer immediate appraisal and payment services and we eagerly pay up to 110% of Book Value on some models! 

Step 1 - Bring Us Your Car - We'll buy your car even if you don't buy a car from us! - We'll inspect your car from top to bottom 

Step 2 - Get a Written Offer - Get your offer in less than an hour! - Offer is good for 3 days or 300 miles.

Step 3 - Complete the Sale - If your car is paid off, sign the title and a few additional forms - If you still have a loan balance, we'll help you complete the process - Use the money for a down payment on a car at Boston Foreign Motor - Or we'll issue you a check Three Great Reasons to Sell Us Your Car - Our appraisals are free, fast and painless - Get an offer in writing which is good for 3 days or 300 miles (Call us for details) - When you have a cash down payment for you new car, you'll have the upper hand if you decide to negotiate with a traditional dealer.

We also have a painless program to buy Cars from International students in Boston area.  If you have a loan or a lease will pay it off! If you can't find your title we will assist with that as well. It's all an easy and painless program for everyone!